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Sterling silver set

Our price $125.00 


18k over silver multi color set

Our price $275.00 


stainless steal watch

Our price $75.00 

White sterling silver turquoise ring

Our price: $120.00  Sale price $75.00


Slide Cubic Zicornia

Our price $75.00 


Simulated Turquoise sterling silver necklace

Our price: $125.00  Sale price $95.00

Sterling Silver Empire Charm

Our price $15.00 


Apple Skyline Silver Charm/with chain

Our price: $25.00  Sale price $20.00


Big Apple Silver Charm

Our price $15.00 

Sterling silver omega necklace

Our price $85.00 


Sterling silver rolo bracelet

Our price: $50.00  Sale price $35.00


Tarnish free silver set w/chain

Our price $55.00 

Pink Sterling Silver ring

Our price $75.00 


Sterling silver pear shape set

Our price $95.00 


The three piece

Our price $85.00 

The three piece silvertone

Our price $95.00 


Tanzanite pendant with chain

Our price: $175.00  Sale price $165.00


Amethyst Simulated Diamond

Our price $180.00 

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